Marvla Tindo Pinot Essentia

Marvla Tindo Pinot Essentia

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The grapes were harvested from the south slopes of Štiavnické vrchy, the village of Čajkov, the hunt of Deberča. Pure pure Pinot without grinding grapes. Wine mature 12 months on fine sludge in stainless steel tanks. The remaining sugar is roughly 7 grams per liter of wine. Only classical procedures were used in the cellar. Fermentation fermentation of grapes did not add selected yeast to preserve grains

Winery: Marvla Tindo
Year: 2013

Variety: Pinot Noir
Country of origin: Slovakia

Color: Pink
Sugar content: dry
Volume: 0.75l
Alcohol: 15%
Origin of grapes: Nitriansky vinohradnícka oblast, Čajkov

Application temperature: 10 - 12 ° C
Storage temperature: 10 - 12 ° C