Leireken Wilde Vruchten

Leireken Wilde Vruchten

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Leireken Wilde Vruchten, like Leireken Witte Spelt, is an organic beer brewed on the basis of spelt. Spelt is a cereal that grows mainly on poor soils and has a slow rate of growth. Thanks to this slowness, it is able to absorb many minerals from the soil. The raw materials (100% organic): barley malt, spelt, hops of German origin responsible for the typical slightly bitter touch, pomegranate fruit juice, cherries and strawberries, blueberry, raspberry and red elderberry fruit pulp.

The alcohol volume is 5.2% (12.5 ° Plato). This fruit beer is therefore in a slightly heavier class than most fruit beers in our country. Because of the re-fermentation in the bottle, the beer is preferably poured out slowly. Wild Fruits has a full and beautiful foam, which lingers in the glass for a long time. Characteristic is the cherry red color. The beer is not filtered, and therefore slightly cloudy. Striking is the strong hop smell that comes out strongly at the first contact. The bitter scent dominates the fruity aromas. The fruit itself is pure with a slight dominance of the raspberry aromas. You can also recognize a slight woody odor in it.

This is a gourmet beer, because of its structure, the spicy, dry taste and the fresh acids. Whoever drinks the beer as a thirst quencher or who likes to drink a fruit beer will probably be surprised.

It is a beer that demands spicy dishes with slightly fruity notes. Fruit in the dish itself is not recommended, but rather vegetables that already have a fruity taste of their own, such as ripe tomatoes or May turnips and in combination with vegetables and bitter notes such as chicory, black radish or parsnip. Can also be very successful in combination with grilled meats of red meat or duck breast with a sauce based on reduced red wine and shallots.

Content: 25cl

Alcohol percentage: 5.2%

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