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BUFO is an unfiltered, finely hopped high-fermented full malt beer, re-fermented in the bottle with only 4.8% alcohol by volume. The bitterness is close to that of lager. BUFO is particularly tasty for a beer with a relatively low alcohol content.

The aroma of the hops is described as "breathtaking" with a special fruitiness (citrus, gooseberry, passion fruit, mango, peach) that is specific to the sauvignon blanc grape. In the beer, the citrusy flavor is the most important.

No spices, sugar or other products have been added.

Recommended serving temperature 4-6 ° C.

For every bottle of Bufo sold, 0.05 Euro is paid to Natuurpunt vzw. The proceeds from the sale in Belgium and other countries (excluding France) will be used to finance the Natuurpunt campaign "Toad Transfer".


Content: 33cl
Alcohol percentage: 4.7%
Deposit: € 0.10 (included)