Belgoo Amber

Belgoo Amber

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An amber beer with a slightly higher alcohol content and also based on barley malt (partly amber malt), spelled and wheat.

Eye: Dark blond, slightly amber. Foam collar in light shade of off-white. Less stable than with the Bio Blond. Blurry

Nose: Spicy key comes out first and again that light iron key. Strongly malty too. Hoppy profile roughly identical to the blonde, but less pronounced. Light caramel and grain keys.

Mouth / Aroma: Medium body, soft sparkle. Caramel. Malty keys. Iron keys here are also more pronounced than with blondes. Sweeter than Belgoo blond, but still quite dry with another striking bitterness. Malty aftertaste. Iron key.  


Content: 33cl

Alcohol percentage: 7.8%

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